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Children's Ministry

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Course Summary

This course unit aims to introduce the student to the field of children’s ministry.  It provides a theoretical and practical framework for ministry among children in church and a variety of community settings.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic concepts of Children’s ministry as a missional activity of the local Church

  2. Explain the basic features of the learning characteristics, overall development and appropriate stages of faith of children.

  3. Utilise contemporary resources and techniques to nurture, manage, and ensure safety in children’s ministry in congregational and community settings

  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of Children’s ministry approaches in congregational and community settings

  5. Design a children’s ministry program for use within a faith and/or community context and

      defend the program’s ability to nurture the children’s spiritual and religious formation

Course Content

  1. Biblical and theological perspectives on Christian ministry with children.

  2. Historical perspectives on Christian ministry with children.

  3. A study of the learning characteristics and overall development of children.

  4. The role of Children’s ministry in relationship to families and Churches

  5. Discipling Children at appropriate faith stages

  6. Mission with children – in congregational settings

  7. Mission with Children – in community settings

  8. Behaviour management and discipline.

  9. Duty of care and legal issues for working with children.

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