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Demonstrating the Kingdom

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Course Summary

This course is designed to produce radical followers of Jesus, who both announce and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, with emphasis on the “demonstrating” aspect. It also seeks to develop a strong biblical and theological foundation to support this ministry, and which is laid down more thoroughly in the Vineyard unit entitled “Kingdom and Spirit”.  It is expected that students will have completed the unit Kingdom and Spirit before commencing this unit.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to :

  1. Analyse the Kingdom mandate Jesus gave to his church

  2. Critically examine ministry as enacted by Jesus and his disciples as shown in the New Testament and how relevant it is to the ministry of today’s church

  3. Determine what it means to live a confident Christian life based on a profound sense of identity “in Christ” and practical ways in which to live that out

  4. Explain Third Wave theology/pneumatology regarding the charismatic gifts of the Spirit and how they can be implemented in a healthy way

  5. The presentation of a program that seeks to develop and sustain the activity of the Kingdom of God through their own ministry


Course Content

  1. The Kingdom of God

  2. Christian Identity

  3. Empowered by the Holy Spirit

​  4. Gifts of the Spirit

  5. Prophetic Ministry

  6. Healing Ministry

  7. Deliverance Ministry

  8. Power Evangelism

  9. Prayer Ministry

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