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Introduction to
Pastoral and Practical Theology

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Course Summary

This graduate course unit provides a foundation in pastoral and practical theology for ministry. It serves to introduce students to the biblical and theological basis for ministry and prepare them for further study in ministry applications.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit students will be able to:

  1)    demonstrate advanced knowledge of the contemporary complex issues relating to the

         practice of pastoral care

  2)    present a critical evaluation of the role of the human sciences in pastoral theology and


  3)    critically apply insights of biblical and theological scholarship to the practice of ministry

  4)    demonstrate mastery of complex theological reflection in the practice of ministry

  5)    use knowledge and skills to independently analyse professional ministry practice within a 

         leadership context

Course Content

1)    The theological, epistemological and biblical foundations of pastoral theology

2)    Aspects of church ministry: Church structures and caring ministry 

3)    Key methodologies: Human sciences

4)    Developing basic listening skills

5)    Theological reflection on contemporary pastoral issues

6)    Methods of ministry and the place of ordination / leadership


Peter grew up in the Rochester (Vic.) area where his parents owned a hotel. He was ordained in the Anglican Church in the Bendigo Diocese in 1978 and served curacies at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Swan Hill. He also was the Diocesan Youth Officer, rector of Lockington/Milloo and with Kathy started a new church, called View Hill Fellowship, in the All Saints Old Cathedral (Mackenzie St., Bendigo).


That taste of church-planting led to them to being called away from the Anglican Church to establish the first Vineyard Churches in Victoria and for the next 25 years Peter and his wife Kathy planted a number of new churches in Victoria and beyond as well as being the first National Directors of Vineyard Churches for 13 years.


Peter has held a number of roles in bible/theological colleges, specialising ion areas of Pastoral Theology. He is the Director of Vineyard College (Australia).

Peter and Kathy have two daughters Julia and Kara, both who are married and live in Melbourne and Byaduk North respectively, and they have two grandsons and a granddaughter. Peter loves the whole church, sport and plays with old cars. 

Heading 1

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