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Trimester 2 – 2024


with Greg Trainor



This unit provides students with an opportunity to examine the distinctives of the Vineyard movement. It enables students to examine theological, historical and sociological perspectives within the Vineyard’s ministry practice and to examine how to apply those perspectives to contemporary ministry.


The unit takes a thorough look at the history of the Vineyard from its early association with Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel movement through to becoming a global movement in the 21st Century. Special emphasis will be placed on the ministry of John Wimber and his ecclesiological and theological perspectives. An examination of core beliefs and practices, and the local and global implications they have had for the movement will be undertaken.


Learning Outcomes

  • ​Identify elementary sociological, historical and theological perspectives that shaped the formation of the Vineyard;

  • Describe core distinguishing beliefs and practices that differentiate the Vineyard from other Christian church groups;

  • Identify contemporary issues impacting the Vineyard;

  • Integrate perspectives from their broader theological studies with their analysis of the Vineyard; and

  • Apply the perspectives from the unit to the specific context of the student’s life, vocation and ministry practice.​

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Weekly Sessions

  1.  John Wimber – Life and Legacy

  2. History of the Vineyard

  3. Theology – A “Now But Not Yet” Kingdom

  4. Ecclesiology – A Middle Way

  5. Pneumatology – Signs and “Wimbers”

  6. Vineyard Values

  7. Worship – Intimacy and Honour

  8. Equipping – Everyone gets to Play

  9. Compassion – Remember the Poor

  10. Power Ministry – Come, Holy Spirit



Greg is an old bloke who lives in southwest Sydney. He is Head Teacher Science at Cabramatta High School and recently retired as pastor of Cabramatta Vineyard Church which he planted with his wife Diane in 1995.
They have two sons at university. Greg studied chemistry at UNE and biblical studies at Regent College, Vancouver. He spent many years introducing young 
people from diverse backgrounds to life under God’s generous rule. He loves training people to do the works of the kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit. He also loves books, beaches, the bush, bird watching and soccer.

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