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The info you need


We are happy to answer any questions you have. But if you're ready to go, scroll to the bottom of this page to begin the admissions process.

Welcome on Board


Requirements and Fees

All Vineyard College courses are online and therefore can be accessed by students from anywhere around the world.  Through our partnership with ACOM we are able to offer internationally recognised courses. (ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity – an Australian University College – who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.)

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Online Payment


Diploma - Single Unit (9cps) 

$1850 AUD Australian dollars 
(approx. $1250 USD


Bachelors Degree - Single Unit (9cps) 

$2400 AUD  (approx. $1600 USD)


Postgraduate - Single Unit (9cps) 

$2950 AUD  (approx. $2000 USD)


A Partnership of Shared Strengths

When you enrol with Vineyard College/ACOM you are officially enrolled as an ACOM student within the Vineyard College cohort. This blends the academic strength (and huge variety of subjects) of ACOM with the practical focus of kingdom life and ministry held by the Vineyard.

Check out the ACOM website here to see more of what we have to offer.



Thank you for your interest in studying with Vineyard College in 2024.


The application form can be found here.


As part of the Vineyard College Learning Cohort, you will be bulk-registered each Trimester, according to your learning pathway.   (You will be consulted each Trimester before being registered). 


A Course Plan will be created for you according to the level of study in which you will be enrolled in due course. Vineyard College Director, Dr. Peter Downes, will then consult with you regarding which units to do based on what subjects they are offering.


2024 Subjects are:

Trimester 1

  • The Historical Jesus

Trimester 2

  • Vineyard Distinctives

  • Introduction to Pastoral Care

Trimester 3

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Introduction to Christian Doctrines

  • Healing Prayer


If you wish to choose units outside of this offering, contact Dr. Peter Downes and other units may be able to be arranged. However, there is plenty of time to sort out your units; the main thing is, to get your application in.


We look forward to joining you on your study journey.


Dr. Peter Downes

(Director, Vineyard College)

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