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Community Transformation

Course Summary

This course unit explores how spiritual formation takes place over time, with others, in the context of disciplines and practices that open the individual to God. The student will gain an appreciation for engaging in community as an instrument of God’s grace and a necessary element of transformation.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit students should be able to:

  1. understand that an essential aspect of spiritual formation is participation with others

  2. analyse how community shapes engagement with spiritual practices

  3. determine kingdom postures that contribute to community transformation

  4. investigate how the integration of community postures and practices enriches service and leadership

   5. apply an action-based community practice to a particular ministry context

Course Content

  1. An Invitation to Formation with Others

  2. Presence: Who We Are on the Journey

  3. Presence: Becoming Active Alongsiders

  4. Presence: Living in Cultures of Grace

  5. Praxis: Living New Narratives

  6. Praxis: Good and Beautiful Kingdom

  7. Praxis: Good and Beautiful Community

  8. Posture: Courage and Consciousness

  9. Posture: Curiosity and Collaboration

   10. Posture: Kingdom Confidence

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