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If you already hold an undergraduate degree in any area of study there are a number of options for study for you at Vineyard College.

Here are just some of what we offer:

Graduate Certificate

You can do a Graduate Certificate in Arts, or in Leadership, which are only 4 subjects, through to a Masters of Theology or a Doctor of Ministry award.​

You could even do just four Vineyard subjects. e.g. Vineyard Distinctives; Kingdom and Spirit; Church and Ministry; and Demonstrating the Kingdom for your Graduate Certificate in Arts.

Other subjects are listed below.

Postgraduate courses on offer are:


Graduate Certificate in:


          or Leadership 

          or Pastoral Supervision 

          or Theological Studies

4 Units / 0.5 years full-time or 1.5 years part-time


Graduate Diploma in:


           or Professional Supervision 

           or Theological Studies

8 Units / 1 year full-time or 3 years part-time

​Masters of Leadership or Arts or Professional Supervision or Theological Studies or Theology or Divinity

12 Units / 1 .5 year full-time or 4.5 years part-time

​Doctor of Philosophy or Arts or Theology or Ministry

3-4 years full-time / 6-8 years part-time

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