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Foundations for Youth Ministry

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Course Summary

This graduate course unit is an introduction to the practice of youth ministry.  It seeks to encourage students to think differently about how to best minister to this post-modern generation.  Students will be introduced to ideas and principles applicable to many different contexts and tools to evaluate and implement these principles.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. critically explain the nature and strategic task of youth ministry within the Christian community

  2. interpret and compare the various philosophies and principals of youth ministry with the ministry of the local church

  3. assess and critique recent literature on the theory and practice of youth ministry

  4. derive and formulate the process for analysing the current context of a group with a view to establishing an effective youth ministry

  5. apply leadership principles to oversee the development of a relevant youth ministry within a 

      real or imagined context

Course Content

  1. Biblical foundations for Youth Ministry

  2. Defining Youth Ministry

  3. Clarifying a Call to Ministry

  4. Philosophy of Youth Ministry

  5. Models for Youth Ministry

  6. Setting Vision and Goals for Youth Ministry

  7. The Future of Youth Ministry

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