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Framework for Discipleship

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Course Summary

This graduate unit will introduce students to Biblically grounded and culturally adapted approaches to following Jesus in the contemporary context. It will investigate theories and practices of discipleship, spiritual transformation and disciple making for the 21st century.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. critically appraise the Biblical foundations and theological issues relating to discipleship

  2. determine a Christian response to social and cultural influences within the practise of discipleship

  3. evaluate approaches to making disciples in differing cultural and contextual situations

  4. construct a contextually adapted discipleship pathway for a given setting

  5. integrate theories of discipleship with personal critical reflection on the foundational 

      importance and practical application of discipleship to Christian life and ministry


Course Content

  1. The Biblical basis for discipleship

  2. Disciple making as a lifestyle

  3. The influence of society and culture on discipleship

  4. The role of spiritual practices in the maturity and development of a disciple.

  5. A strategy for disciple making in the local congregation.

  6. From personal growth to community transformation.

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