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A key focus of the theology of the Vineyard Movement is on the kingdom of God: it is central not only to the movement’s theology, but also gives shape to the ministry practice of Vineyard churches. In this Unit we present teaching on the kingdom of God which compares a variety of views on the Kingdom with the “inaugurated, enacted eschatology” viewpoint held by the Vineyard and based on the teaching of George Eldon Ladd.

The unit also presents a teaching and practical application of a “third-wave” view on the work of the Holy Spirit, especially as it relates to spiritual gifts, and with a particular study of the gift of prophecy. Pneumatologies other than a third wave view are also discussed.

This unit aims to equip students with a strong theological and biblical grounding for the work of ministry. It has a strong emphasis on both theory and practice related to the kingdom of God and Spirit-empowered life and ministry.


Learning Outcomes

By the successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyse the core elements of Kingdom of God theology as expressed in a range of different views on the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering Christians for ministry;

  2. Articulate ways of balancing the tensions within a “Now-But-Not-Yet” theology of the Kingdom of God;

  3. Review a range of primary and secondary literature relevant to Kingdom of God theology;

  4. Critically review the ways in which prophecy and the spiritual gifts are employed in the local church;

  5. Establish a set of principles for a theologically supported program of “3rd Wave” ministry practices in a local church context.​

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Course Content

  1. The Kingdom of God in 20th Century Theology

  2. Contemporary Eschatologies, including 21st Century expressions of 3rd Wave theology and praxis

  3. The Here but Not-Yet of the Kingdom

  4. Inaugurated Eschatology

  5. Being a Kingdom Community

  6. Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

  7. Comparative Pneumatologies

  8. Empowered by the Spirit

  9. Spiritual Gifts – Traditional Views

  10. Spiritual Gifts – Explanation and Demonstration of an Expanded (3rd Wave) View

  11. Prophecy

  12. The Holy Spirit and the Local Church

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