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Course Summary

This course unit develops the knowledge and skill acquired in the prerequisite introductory Biblical Studies unit. It forms part of a major or sub-major in Biblical Studies. The Unit provides students with a comprehensive survey of the historical context, literary features and theology of Paul’s letters.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Analyse the significance of the historical, social and religious background of Paul’s letters

  2. Identify the major Pauline theological themes

  3. Exegete selected passages from the Pauline letters

  4. Integrate quality scholarly literature into the critical study of Pauline Literature

  5. Relate insights from Pauline literary to a range of life and ministry situations

Studying at Home


  1. The historical, social and religious background of Paul and his conversion

  2. The historical, social and religious aspects of Paul’s mission to the Gentiles

  3. The literary structure and purpose of Paul’s letters

  4. Significant Pauline theological themes

  5. Exegesis of selected passages from the letters of Paul

  6. The continuing debate over methods of interpretation of Pauline theology.


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