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Spiritual Leadership

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Course Summary

This course unit is designed to challenge and inspire students to actively serve as spiritual leaders.  It will examine the significant ways that secular leadership intersects with biblical principles and values, examine their current approach to leadership, and reflect on how they might lead at a higher level.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the biblical, traditional, theological and personal foundations of Christian leadership

  2. engage critically with a personal understanding of spiritual leadership

  3. examine one’s own strengths and areas requiring growth and development

  4. critique the various models of spiritual leadership and develop a working model for their own faith community

   5. formulate the relationship between the spiritual leader and those served by leadership,

       within cultural and institutional contexts

Course Content

  1. Christian leadership in its biblical, traditional and theological expressions

  2. Qualities, knowledge and skills necessary for spiritual leadership

  3. Needs and expectations of those seeking spiritual leadership

  4. Leadership within the context of contemporary Christian community

  5. The influence of culture and society on leadership

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