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The Trinity

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Course Summary

This course unit examines systematically the Church’s teaching on the mystery of the Holy Trinity. It aims to demonstrate soteriological and existential consequences of this doctrine for the way Christians live their lives. It is an advanced unit and may form part of a Major in the sub-discipline of Systematic Theology within the Discipline of Theology.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Identify the major theological themes in the doctrine of the Trinity

  2. Outline the development of the teaching from Biblical sources through Patristic understandings and into modern times

  3. Critically review writings of current theological thinkers on this topic

  4. Articulate some Trinitarian doctrines for a contemporary reader

  5. Apply insights from their study to Christian life within their particular context

Course Content

  1. Biblical foundations of the doctrine of the holy Trinity; Old and New testaments

  2. The historical developments of the Trinitarian doctrine

  3. Modern understandings of the Trinity

  4. Systematic considerations: for example, persons, essence/substance, koinonia

  5. Salvific and existential implications

  6. Contemporary Trinitarian theology: problems and perspectives

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