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Church and Mission

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Course Summary

Welcome to Church and Mission.  This subject has a two-fold focus. The first focus is found in sessions 1 to 5 and aims to give you foundational teaching to assist you in understanding the key local church functions of worship, community and mission. The following five sessions look at different aspects of ministry and church life to assist you to understand and participate more fully in the life of God’s church.

Learning Outcomes

By the successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

  1. Detail the foundational theoretical knowledge and concepts relevant to the topic of Church and Mission

  2. Describe a range of approaches to dealing with Church and Mission

  3. Analyse information gathered on Church and Mission to complete a range of activities appropriate to Pastoral Theology

  4. Show competence in practical skills and/or descriptive, critical and analytic skills with respect to Church and Mission

  5. Apply the results of their study to a specific context in Christian life, ministry or theology

Course Content

  1. A definition of the “local church” and understanding of its purpose
  2. Examination of the 3 key functions of church life: worship, community and mission

  3. Cultural change and the response of the local church

  4. A Theology of mission

  5. Missional Ecclesiology

  6. The role of discipleship and leadership in the local church

  7. An examination of the importance and occurrence of values and purpose in the local church

  8. The role and practice of church planting

Course Presenter:

Peter grew up in the Rochester (Vic.) area where his parents owned a hotel. He was ordained in the Anglican Church in the Bendigo Diocese in 1978 and served curacies at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Swan Hill. He also was the Diocesan Youth Officer, rector of Lockington/Milloo and with Kathy started a new church, called View Hill Fellowship, in the All Saints Old Cathedral (Mackenzie St., Bendigo).


That taste of church-planting led to them to being called away from the Anglican Church to establish the first Vineyard Churches in Victoria and for the next 25 years Peter and his wife Kathy planted a number of new churches in Victoria and beyond as well as being the first National Directors of Vineyard Churches for 13 years.


Peter has held a number of roles in bible/theological colleges, specialising ion areas of Pastoral Theology. He is the Director of Vineyard College (Australia).

Peter and Kathy have two daughters Julia and Kara, both who are married and live in Melbourne and Byaduk North respectively, and they have two grandsons and a granddaughter. Peter loves the whole church, sport and plays with old cars. 

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